Quantum LTO-5 L5MQN Data Cartridge

Project Description

1.5TB Native / 3TB Compressed

Quantum LTO-5 Data Cartridge

Quantum LTO-5 Tape Media Data Cartridge Part Numbre L5MQN

The Quantum LTO-5 L5MQN WORM Cartridge is a tape backup cartridge which can store up to 1.5TB of native data or up to 3.0TB of compressed data. Quantum LTO-5 L5MQN is compliant with all media integrity analysis utilities, including Quantum's iLayer Advanced Reporting and Extended Data Life Management to provide ongoing trend data to evaluate and protect the integrity of the media pool, thus helping administrators improve overall backup reliability and reduce costs.

High Storage Capacity Up to 1500GB native and up to 3000GB compressed
Fast Transfer Rate Up to 280MB/sec¹for quicker backup and improved cost efficiency
WORM (Write Once Read Many) Solution Help address todays tough regulatory


Archival life Compression Rate Rewritable Storage Capacity WORM Support
30 years 2.5:1 Yes 3 TB Compressed Yes