IBM LTO-5 46X1290 Data Cartridge

Project Description

1.5TB Native / 3TB Compressed

IBM LTO-5 46X1290

IBM LTO-5 Ultrium Data Cartridge LTO Ultrium-5 Tape Part Number 46X1290

IBM LTO-5 46X1290 data cartridges are compatible with LTO Generation 5 tape drives and tape libraries utilizing LTO generation 5 drives from IBM and other LTO generation 5 compliant suppliers. Cartridges have been optimized and tested extensively in IBM LTO tape drives and tape libraries to help maximize performance, data integrity and data longevity. They are designed to withstand the rigors of normal use in both stand-alone and automated environments.

Reduces manual intervention for tape operations, saving you valuable IT staff time
Designed to withstand the demands of every day use
Safe long-term retention of reference data


Archival life Compression Rate WORM Support Storage Capacity Material
30 years 2:1 Yes 3.0 TB Compressed Metal Particle