HPE LTO-6 C7976A Data Cartridge

Project Description

2.5TB / 6.25TB Capacity

HPE LTO-6 C7976A

HPE LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Cartridge LTO6 C7976A

HPE LTO-6 C7976A can write or read data at a blistering 1.4 TB/hour, storing, encrypting and protecting up to 3 TB on a single cartridge, making it the big hitter in large-scale, 24x7, mission-critical IT environments. A 70% increase in the number of tracks has increase the bit density, allowing more data to be recorded in the same amount of tape. HPE LTO-6 C7976A cartridge memory chip delivers faster access time and enhanced media monitoring.

Maximum reliability, capacity and performance
A solid roadmap for future generations of the technology
An open format available from multiple vendors


Archival life Base material Bit Density Storage Capacity Read Speed
30 years Metal Particle 343 kbits/inch 6.25 TB Compressed 400 MB/sec